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Cloud Wi Fi version?

New Contributor
 where I can lookup for Ruckus Cloud version I'm in? 
it's very odd because I cannot see new features that was released in 2017.1 update, like search for events. And in my instance I facing problems that was fixed last year, like:
1. Analytics always shows "No data to display"
2. in Clients overview section  shows that Client IP is actually AP IP not a real client IP

I have connected only one R710 AP to the Ruckus Cloud 


New Contributor III
Check the ? in the top right corner, then About Ruckus Cloud

Esteemed Contributor II
Yep, you will see similar to:  Version release/2017.01 (Build 23)

if you've been upgraded recently.

I got email from Ruckus NOC that my instance is scheduled for upgrade to 2017.01 version. After upgrade is finished, missing features appeared and Analytics started to work

New Contributor
I run Ruckus Cloud at two different companies. I am missing all of my analytics in both instances (each site has a pair of R600) -- support said both sites are still running 16.06 and that this is resolved in 17. They said hopefully would be moved over in two weeks. 

It's pretty frustrating to have signed up for the service to get analytics, and then have them not work for several weeks -- but hopefully it gets resolved soon.

For reference, one site is still in trial mode (and I wont upgrade to a paid license until I can see analytics working), the other site is a paid basic license. Both are affected the same way.