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RUCKUS Community Guidelines

Welcome to the RUCKUS Pack! The RUCKUS Networks Community is a place to ask questions, resolve issues, learn, exchange ideas, and connect with your peers. The Pack includes a diverse range of members who are passionate about sharing and collaborating...


VsCG Mesh with T300

HI All,i am setting up my first Mesh due to cabling constraints , wanted to know if my AP NOT connected to the wire need to be configured statically for its IP settings? how would it otherwise get the dhcp info or even the master controller address?i...

CPU at 100% sometimes

Hello all,is that normal use of our ZoneDirector 3000 ? We have some bad experiences with our wifi since the past few days and I saw that the CPU is sometimes at 100%, which is not normal on my mind...Is that the ZD3000 is ok for 229 APs and almost 8...