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Any reason why on my vSZ-H controller my T750 PoE failed to enable on eth0? Even in CLI I cannot enable PoE OUT

I've tried with the controller and it fails the update to enable PoE on eth0 (interface 1) PoE out interface. Controller successfully updates other settings on same T750. Have tried on 2 brand new T750 APs. I also tried via the CLI and is still faile...

vSZ- Rebooting all APs at once

Is there a way to reboot ALL AP's at once, or to reboot ALL "model AP" at once? Hi, i have the next issue, Controller: virtual smart zone with two zones: and 3.6.2 issue: all ZF7982 in zone 3.6.2 report high cpu utilización (98%-10...

E510 DC Power

I'm getting a couple of E510s for outdoor coverage.  I'm not running ethernet to them as I plan to use them in a mesh.  I will have 12V power to them.  There is an M8 connector for DC power, but I can't find a pinout or adapter for the DC power port....


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