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ZD1200 Licence firmware update

New Contributor

my ZD1200 has been died last week.
so today i got a "new" one by a Ebay deal.
this one has a 50 AP-license installed, but the Firmware is very old

i want to update from  Softwareversion9.13.3.0 build 133 to build 318

i do not have the original license keys just the orderID from the webfrontend.
is there a chance to get the licencs activation file / Key again?


i do not want to loose theese lienses

thanky for your reply


RUCKUS Team Member

Hi, all licenses are storage in our license portal:

You may want to contact your reseller to get access to the portal and dowload the licenses.

Bruno Andrade | Principal TSE Bulldog Americas | RCNA | CWNA | CWDP
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Hello Bruno, 

thank you for your reply. 
so i do not realy have a responsible reseller.
i have an ZoneDirector1200 with an Licence and i want to update this zoneDirector.  

how to proceed to not loose these licences. 
in case they are lost there must be a way to get the licence key again.

in case i need to get a reseller, can you please suggest one?

thank you 



When I wrote reseller I mean the person you bought the ZD from.

Only the original owner can open a support ticket to get the licenses or access to LiMAN portal.

Bruno Andrade | Principal TSE Bulldog Americas | RCNA | CWNA | CWDP
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Contributor II

ZD AP licenses persist through factory resets and firmware upgrades.

If the eBay ZD has an active support contract then you can just upgrade directly to build 318 and then restore your backup.

If your new ZD has no remaining support then it should pickup 30 days of support after a factory reset, if it can access the internet. Then you can do your upgrade and restore.