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H550 and Fiber BackPack- improper PoE mode despite proper power brick ?

New Contributor

Dear community / Ruckus Team,

used parts in LAB:

  • 1x Ruckus WiFi indoor AP H550 part# 9U1-H550-WW00 /w Unleashed
  • 1x Ruckus Fiber BackPack part# P01-0600-0000
  • 1x Ruckus DC adapter 48V part# 902-2170-EU00 (recommended on page 3/3 of FiberBackPack QuickSetupGuide part# 800-73046-001 Rev B)

H550 and FiberBackPack are connected with RJ-45 ethernet flat black cable that was part of Fiber BackPack packaging.

Why is H550 Unleashed FW reporting 802.3af power mode despite PSU ability to provide enough power (48V 1A ~48W)?

See following screenshot



New Contributor

By experiment I've found that it's enough to configure PoE mode in Unleashed admin panel:

Access Point -> Edit -> [tab] Other -> PoE Operating Mode  and reconfigure from Auto -> 802.3at