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R510 instead T310c for Outdoor

Can I use R510 at a beach kiosk to coverage 100m in diameter providing a good internet signal? Router will be placed right below roof corner flap and replace. How R510 is compared as T310c unit for that? Will I have better performance on T310c unit?...

Strange issue with ZoneFlex 7363

Hello, When I'm using my home router as a AP and when I'm connected to it and using Hik-Connect app on which is set public IP (which ISP assign to me) and the port which the IP camera use, there is no issue and I can see it, but when I stop the wi...

Airplay dropouts on 802.11n

Hi, I got an R610 with which does not give me any problems in general, except for one thing: airplay I have tried almost everything, incl. for the AP to have 0% connections on 2.4GHz to force connections on 5GHz. I stream from...