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H510 repeatedly reboots.

New Contributor III

Hello everyone, I'm looking for a case of a "case".
I was wondering if anyone knows of a similar case.

I am currently managing a building with 4 H510s connected from one L3 switch.
One of those H510s has one server connected to it from a LAN port.
The LAN ports are separated by VLANs, but the pathway is the same for all four, and they all share the same configuration, except that the server is connected to it.

However, only this one machine is automatically restarting itself repeatedly by Heartbeat losing frequently.
The timing is set to reboot after 30 minutes of the AP not being able to reach the GW, which seems to be the case.
While it is up and running, it is visible to the controller and can be operated.

I have tried changing to a spare H510 and updating the firmware, but the situation is the same.
After rebooting, communication is possible for a while, but at some point, the reboot seems to occur again.

The current version is as follows

Plain soft

Also, WLAN service has been suspended as it would hinder identification of the phenomenon.

Any tips are welcome.
Best regards.


RUCKUS Team Member

Hi @Hiro 
There are 2 timers on the AP which is configured.
"Reboot if the Controller is not reachable"
"Reboot if the Gateway is not reachable"

I believe that the AP is having reachability issue (Packet drops\high latency) either with Gateway or Controller, and which is why it is rebooting every 30 minutes.

The Heartbeat loss events indicates that there is no communication (Packet drops\high latency)between the AP and controller. You might need to check on the times for the "Reboot if controller is not reachable"

You can increase this times under Zone settings >> Advanced or by selecting the AP from the GUI 
Increase the times to 2 hours or disable it by selecting 0 and see if there is changes in reboot.

New Contributor III

Thanks for the tips.
I currently have two timers, both set to 2 hours.
I no longer get disconnections during the day when I am pinging and checking for communication.
However, looking at the event logs, it seems that the same disconnections are happening several times during the night.

I wonder if ChannelFly, which is adjusted at maximum efficiency during the night, is having an effect.