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Irregular ping to AP

Hi everyone!We have built an Unleashed network inside a storing facility recently and everything seems fine, except that sometimes the network slows down. Trying to do some troubleshooting, we found out that when connected to an AP, pinging that same...

R700 reset

How to factory reset R700?I put it in Bridge mode to test so now I can't use the Web interface, so I want to factory reset.I tried holding in the Reset button for 30 seconds, that doesn't change anything.I tried the 30/30/30 with the reset button hel...

802.11r SQL Roaming

Hello,on a T300 AP where the max number of concurrent users connected is 500 (based on datasheet) i created 4 different SSIDs. I know that max concurrent users is related to the encryption and authentication methods. Let's say that the 3 SSIDs of the...