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Question about vSZ managing the Ruckus AP?

hi buddy,

this question is not about any issue. I want to explorer how vSZ manage the Ruckus AP?

Why I question this?
My Ruckus AP already managed by vSZ on the last week, then I shutdown the Ruckus AP and move to another subnet. I thought that I need to re-configure the Ruckus AP, also register with vSZ again. But, I see the vSZ already found Ruckus AP when the Ruckus AP backs to work. 

Of course, Ruckus AP has a new IP address. 

So my question: 
How vSZ detects the new IP address (in new subnet) of Ruckus AP? and if this is right, does it right with another brand AP which managing by vSZ? 

As I know, vSZ also is managing by Mac Address of devices, so I can move Ruckus AP to everywhere, and vSZ always can detect it when it back to work (connected the internet).

Could you please help me clarify this? 
Thank you 🙂

Contributor III
Hi Tien,

In the user Guide please check the AP discovery process where you should be able to find answers for all your questions, vSZ cannot manage other vendor APs, but was told that vDP/SZ300 can manage data tunnel of other Vendor but didn't get any opportunity to view.

Happy Ruckusing.

Abilash PR.

great to hear you. Thanks a lot for your quick support!!!

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chào Huy, mình ở SG. Còn Huy? 
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Thank you.