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block a client

Hello. I have a couple of zone director 1200 in Smart Redundancy configuration and about 50 AP. We would like to block a supected client from our wi-fi enviroment. We have the mac address of it but after it leaved the wi-fi, we don't see it on act...

R710 and Cloud

Hi All, I have Two R710 and Cloud account. Recently R710, disconnecting(heart beat lost) and another R710 is connecting to cloud at all. Kindly suggest me which firmware will work for Ruckus cloud. R710 firmware and cloud versions mentioned below.  ...

Resolved! Descent Priced Smart Zone Controller

Hello, I am wanting to get around 8 access points and they need to be FIPS compliant. From what I've gathered I would need a SmartZone controller to run them in FIPS mode. Some of the controllers look like way more than what I need. I was just cur...