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Access Points are not adopting back to Smart Zone

New Contributor

We have an issue with my Access Point.

We have adopted the Access Points prior to a DHCP Scope enable in our Firewall.

Once we Off the DHCP Scope in the Firewall and tried to see if the Access Point are Online again,it shows that the Access Point are back to their default IP Address from the Switch End and the Smart Zone shows it's Offline

Any idea from you guys why this is happening?



RUCKUS Team Member

Hello @Aliff 

Could you please try to configure the static IP on the AP and configure the SZ IP using the CLI command 

#set scg ip <IP address of the controller>


New Contributor

Hi Ayush,

Yup, we did that.

But also would like to check if you know why my case happen when my Firewall DHCP is off my APs IP are lost.As per WLC , it states keep AP Settings.

Any idea?