With simplicity and ease of use in mind, the RUCKUS ZoneDirector is purpose-built to address the gap between standalone, feature-deficient access points (APs) that must be individually managed and the costly, complex high-end enterprise systems that are overkill for most small business environments.
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How to degrade SSID per Zonedirector managed AP.

Hello, I have a Zondirector which manages 100 access points. All of these access points share the same SSIDs.Is there any way to reduce the priority, service schedule or user limit for a particular SSID on a specific access point ?i.e. I dont want to...

Bypass Apple CNA feature

Hello, I would like to know exacly how the 'Bypass Apple CNA feature' works i.e does it simply add the Apple Internet connectivity test URLs to a walled garden list ?Currently I have a Hotspot service with a walled garden list of Android CNA test URL...

What device to split the VLAN traffic from Ruckus?

I have a ZD1100 that I need to convert to using VLANs. That's easy enough to tag each ssid to the correct VLAN. All the traffic comes out of the ZD1100 on one connection so I need a way to split that traffic by VLAN onto two different network connect...

AP-ZD lost connectivity.

Hello My current version of the zonedirector 5000 is build 148, and the Ap's is we have almost 300 Ap's connected to this Zonedirector and they all were disconnected at the same time No network changes were done Note* this is th...