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Announcement: ZD (MR3 Refresh8) is available on Support

Esteemed Contributor II

    Ruckus DE/QA are happy to announce an MR update for ZD1200, ZD3000, ZD5000 controllers

and supported APs.  Release Notes, SNMP MIBs and Firmware images have been posted to the

Support portal and are available at these links for Partners and Customers who have need.


ZoneDirector 9.12.3 (MR3 Refresh8) Release Notes:


ZD1200 (MR3 Refresh8) Software Release:


ZD3000 (MR3 Refresh8) Software Release:


ZD5000 (MR3 Refresh8) Software Release:


ZoneDirector (MR3 Refresh8) SNMP MIBs:

Resolved Issues in Build 136

• Resolved an issue where rogue device reporting would notwork properly when the SSID was configured with a non English WLAN name.[ER-6248]

• Resolved an issue where multicast traffic unexpectedly dropped for wireless clients associated with Open/None WLANs with tunnel mode enabled. [ER-7291]

• Resolved an issue where ZoneDirector could become unable to process join requests from access points. [ER-7500]

• Resolved an issue related to TCP SACK Panic - Kernel Vulnerability CVE-2019-11477, CVE-2019-11478 and CVE-2019-11479. [AP-11589] For information on security incidents and responses, see https://

• Resolved an issue where saved AP configuration settings might become corrupted randomly. [ER-7225]

• Resolved an issue where ZoneDirector would not report session data by default when "management by SmartCell Insight" was enabled. [ER-7762] Enhancements and Resolved Issues Ruckus ZoneDirector Release Notes, 9.12.3 Refresh 8 6 Part Number: 800-72528-001 Rev A

• Resolved an issue that could cause failure to configure an NTP server when the server name contained dashes. [ER-7843]