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ZD3000 transferring of license

We have an old zd3000 with an extra 100 license. We are planning to buy another zd3000. Question is can we transfer the 100 license from the old zd3000 to our new zd3000 so that we will no buy anymore ap license? thanks

Help with ZF 7363 firmware update

Hey, guys, I need help . I am experiecing some trouble with my ZF 7363. I need to upgrade it to version of the firmware, but I can't find it anywhere. Does anyone have? ThanksI know that it1s not the latest, but it's what I need for the m...

ZD1200 SMS via Customized Server

Hi,I have service with api to send SMS. But to send message using post or get method I need to enter "phone number" and "body message" variables. So I can't find in ruckus documentation description of how to pass variables from a web portal to post/g...