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Inconsistent device fingerprinting?


When I look at my list of clients most of my Windows machines are tagged as Windows Mobile and a few as Windows 10. Similarly most of IOS devices are listed just as iPhone and a few are more accurately shown. Is there anyway to get it to be more accurate?

Image_ images_messages_603416a0cf34dc641c513bc2_43b9803c2230b68e79b3f97684b62bd3_DeviceType1-b30e6026-87e1-481d-8042-bd9a486bd7f7-1674282468.png
Image_ images_messages_603416a0cf34dc641c513bc2_13403f52986ad3baadc9393fa5be6bd6_DeviceType2-66a28b72-bac3-4f2f-8e92-5d65de5c91ec-1673358947.png

New Contributor II

Try deleting the device and rejoin it again. I think the controller pre assume the device on its initial connection



Best to open a case so they can get the relevant data and send it internally and fix whatever device is being misidentified 

Community Admin
Community Admin

Hi Brian,

Could you confirm on what version your ZD is? And what ZD model?

Make sure ZD is on recommended version. If still facing issue, try to upgrade to latest version (before that check and make sure your AP models supports latest version).

Syamantak Omer | Sr.Staff TSE | CWNA | CCNA | RASZA | RICXI

It is a ZD1200 running build 238 which I think is the latest version. Honestly the device fingerprinting has been horrible for ever. I just noticed it finally started to get more accurate but is only doing it for some devices. It also detects all of our Wi-Fi thermostats as Xbox 360?