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mac os connection problem

some of my clients having problem for connection to wireless network. they can not connect at all. this problem is only for Macbooks and ipads, iphones have no problem. my ssid is open with no security. i also checked with wpa2 the problem still exis...

Security on 5GHz network

Hi,I got a ZoneFlex 7982 from my work and I'm kind of new at this. I connected the 7982 to my router and configured two SSID (2.4 & 5GHz), on the 2.4GHz network I didn't set any encryption method and yet that SSID it's using my router's WAP2 password...

802.11r with PSK - any good?

Hi,Is there any benefits using 802.11r if clients authenticate using pre-shared key?I've seen a lot of posts saying that 802.11r improves roaming performance with 802.1x authentication, but what about PSK?Thanks

kessvn by New Contributor II
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Where do I find WPS controls?

Hello all. I have a zone director 1112 and am trying to connect my cable boxes to it. The cable company tells me to turn on WPS and then they will connect. I can not find ANYTHING called WPS when I am connected to the Zonedirector. Anyone know where ...