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Walled Garden not work with IPv6

New Contributor II
I have a problem that is hindering the implementation of an ipv6 network for wireless users. Does walled garden not support IPv6? How can I solve this?

Thank you.

New Contributor III
Hi Henri,

There are some limitations with IPv6 depending on what products you are using. For example the unleashed software does not support IPv6. With ZoneDirector there are some limitations. Can you confirm what software you are using (AP version and also provisioning system version)?  

New Contributor II
Hi Roberto, thanks for reply.

I'm using Virtual SmartZone Essentials, versions:

Controller Version:
Control Plane Software Version
Ap Firmware Version:

Hi Henri,

For Walled Garden Entry, only the formats below are supported : 

- IP (e.g. 
- IP Range (e.g. 
- CIDR (e.g. 
- IP and mask (e.g. 
- Precise web site (e.g.
- Web site with special regular expression like 
- * 
- *.com 

This means that IPv6 definitions are not supported.