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Unable to authenticate every morning (spesific time)

New Contributor II
Hi Experts..
I have 86 Access Point that have same problem every morning, most client cant login authentication and connect until 10am while some other (only 1 per 8 client) can login before that time

Im using 3 Active Directory for AAA Servers

I had try to ping each Access Point ip's reply
ping AAA server ip from Network Connectivity reply
try Test Authentication/Accounting Servers login for each AD and success

this is weird because this issue only before 10am everyday and solve itself without changing any configuration

how to check and solve this issue..

here events what I got
Image_ images_messages_5f91c3e8135b77e2478db086_f5ca140782eac3ded5a30b6a47c4b604_RackMultipart20180827802491wn3-a2479a0b-715d-4355-8d16-e9ed398af716-1453150018.PNG1535347483


Valued Contributor
In wired port side aaa server or controller, try to capture a packet dump.

how to capture the packet dump?

Use wireshark though mirroring.

New Contributor III
Any firewall rules with scheduling policies?