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illegal class reported by PD

I have a Ruckus ICX 7450-48P that is having issues with a few new wireless access points.  Under inline power I am getting a fault error "illegal class reported by PD" for 4 of these ports with these access points.  There are 2 other of these same ex...

Resolved! VLANs and the ICX7150-C08P

Hi All! I received my ICX7150-C08P along with an R610 to replace my Ubiquiti gear. My current network configuration is Verizon ONT to pfSense on a Dell r210 -> Ubiquiti 8 port PoE switch -> Ubiquiti AC-Pro AP. I have 3 wireless LANs, one guest, one ...

pat_becker by New Contributor II
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BUM Storm control

Hello all, Is it possible to configure BUM storm control in an ICX7150 with action to shutdown the interface? Thanks! Regards

tadesxz by New Contributor II
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ICX 7150 stacking

Can you stack an ICX-7150-24 with an ICX-7150-24P? I have done a stacking with exactly the same model but never mix them in the past. We have a need to power some equipments with PoE and want to add either a 24P or 48P ICX-7150

Resolved! Mac loop taking down uplink ports

I have a hub and spoke network with 7750 at the center and about 20 or so 7250/7150 switches(some in 2-3 switch stacks). There is a network outside of my control but utilizing my 7250/7150 switches for interconnect. i have 802.1w enabled for this vla...