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Tried all the reset and links for icx7150

So I tried all the resets and links the people here said to do to reinstall the image but they have this link Which isn’t even a working link. So what am I supposed to do? I’m really annoyed and pisse...

Ruckus R550U 5GHz Issue

Hi I have a ruckus R550 901 Unit. Updated to unleashed. In Standalone or Unleashed mode all of my devices at home cannot detect 5GHz. I set only a SSID to 5Ghz and Turned off 2.4GHz all of my devices cannot see that SSID Please help. Most likely the ...

Ruckus R510 Access Point - No Power

My Ruckus R510 Access Point (AP) has no power. To date I have:  - Taken down the AP and connected it directly to the Ruckus ICX 7150 POE port. I still had no poer.  - Unplugged the 7150 and plugged it back in. The AP still has no power.Similar posts ...

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