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Cloud Authentication AAA to connect to wifi

Hey all, We are a heavily cloud based organization and would rather not use an on-perm, even as hybrid, for our auth purposes to connect to company wifi.  We have Azure AD and I've been experimenting with spinning up windows serv...

Resolved! Setup 802.1x on WiFi network using Ruckus Cloud

Hi all, I am trying to get 802.1x working on our ICX switches and on our WiFi.  All switches and APs / WiFi networks are managed in Ruckus Cloud. I have configured a test wireless network for Enterprise AAA (802.1x), and have a RADIUS server setup (W...

I only get 50 to 70 Mbps 5 feet away from AP

Hi. I got a setup with 25 Zone Flex 7363 connected to a Zone Director 1012 with firmware version build21. I feed them with 300 Mbps with and only get 50 to 70 Mbps 5 Feet away. The APs are connected to the Poe port.  Lan Port Satus. Port     ...

Assign MSP license to existing Ruckus Cloud customer?

We have a few customers who purchased their cloud wi-fi license from us before the MSP program.  One of the licenses has expired and we'd like to replace it with the MSP license.  Is it possible to mix customer owned and MSP licenses under a customer...