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Forum Posts's ServiceNow assignment group?

What is the correct ServiceNow assignment group ?It's not the "" assignment group.  That is for the support portal, its single signon app and other ruckus apps like AIP, EDI, MT, LAP and certificate rene...

alan_brown by Community Manager
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Resolved! Ruckus R500 not converting to cloud

I have a couple of R500 that are not going to the cloud. I removed them from my ZD, factory reset them, added serial numbers into the cloud portal, software version is the solo I have waited 24 hours and the APs have not contacted the...

Resolved! Multi tenancy in Ruckus Cloud

Hi, I have 40 R650's to be deployed across 5 sites, and each site has a network admin. Is there a possibility to provide some sort of a multi tenancy option with Ruckus cloud where by each site network admin will have access to configure and manag...

Send some data from analytics to remote server.

Hello, We need to continuously send some data (for example: AP Ethernet MAC or AP Ethernet MAC and Client MAC Address.) from Ruckus Cloud Analytics to our remote server. Which methods can we use for this? Kind regards