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AP History

New Contributor

Hi all
Is it possible to se the history for AP that are connected ruckusz cloud?
I'm looking for if an AP have been moved from a group to another?



New Contributor

I'm very new to RUCKUS Cloud, so I'm still learning it myself and don't have a lot of AP history built up. 
Clicking the "Timeline" tab in the left-hand menu allows me to see Audit Events for all products, all severities, and all times.  Here, I can filter results via the drop-down menus, or enter a specific AP name in the "Search for events" field.  There are also tabs in the Timeline to see Events and Administrative Logs.
Maybe this will help you?

New Contributor

Quick follow-up...I ran the following test:
1. I added an AP Group ("APGroup1"), and placed an AP named "R850" into it during AP Group creation. 
RESULT: In Timeline > Audit Events, I got an Informational msg "AP group APGroup1 was added.", but no msg specific to the AP that I placed in the new AP Group.  I also checked Timeline > Events and found no msgs regarding the new AP Group nor the AP being placed in the new AP Group.
2. I added another AP Group ("APGroup2").  I did not place any APs in this new group during group creation.
3. In Networking Devices > WiFi, I selected the "R850" AP that was in "APGroup1", clicked Edit, and changed the AP Group to the new "APGroup2", then clicked Save.
RESULT: The AP moved the APGroup2.   In Timeline > Audit Events, I got an Informational msg "AP R850 was updated.", and in Timeline > Events I got an "AP R850 Configuration updated." msg followed by an "AP R850 configuration update in progress." msg.
Meaning, yes, you can see a history of events for a specific AP.  But the event msg that appears when an AP is moved from one AP Group to another AP Group does not specify that the event was related to an AP Group move/change, it states only "AP {APname} Configuration updated".