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Multiple Wireless networks, using same Radius Server

New Contributor

When trying to create a second Wireless network with Enterprise AAA (802.1X) in the Ruckus Cloud, I receive the following message:

Server Configuration Conflict

One of the values you entered conflicts with an existing authentication server configuration in another network.

I can then select Cancel, Use existing server configuration, or Override the conflicting server configuration

What is the correct answer?

My desired scenario is this:

  • Network 1: Employee laptop network with authentication Enterprise AAA (802.1X) - Connects to VLAN-1
  • Network 2: Employee cellular devices with authentication via Enterprise AAA (802.1X) - Connects to VLAN-2
  • Network 3: Guest Wi-Fi with Captive Portal-Click Through - Connects to VLAN-2

We want to give our employee cellular devices access to the internet on VLAN-2 without having to use the Guest Wi-Fi, which requires clicking through the Acceptable Use Policy on a daily basis.


New Contributor

Alright.  I now understand what Ruckus is asking for when the Server Configuration Conflict message is displayed.  Picking Use existing server configuration will load the AAA configuration used in the other Wireless Network configuration.

All is working as desired.