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Support Ruckus Cloud Alpha Server

I was on contact with support from Ruckus Cloud Alpha Server to validate this Manager with my hotspot solution, but it's been a week without an answer from the support.Can I get some help?

Successor of ZoneFlex 7372 ?

Hello. I ask here on behalf. A large building was equipped with several ZoneFlex 7372 just a few years ago. Now another floor is to be equipped with it (perhaps 3-5 transmitters) and integrated into the system. Now I have noticed that the ZoneFlex 73...

Migration ZD to Cloud

We are thinking about migrating from two ZD3000 to Cloud Controller.We cannot find an migration document yet, is there one available?Do we have to update the firmware of our existing APs manually or is there a smooth way to do this?Does anyone have e...

How to upgrade Apache Spark v2.2.0 to 2.4.3

current version of sci is running on centos running apache v2.2. I would like to know how to upgrade apache spark2.4.3Here's the current system info:NAME="CentOS Linux"VERSION="7 (Core)"ID="centos"ID_LIKE="rhel fedora"VERSION_ID="7"PRETTY_NAME="CentO...