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Ruckus R510 provision to Ruckus Cloud Controller

Hi All, Is there any expert for guidance how to add the AP R510 to the ruckus cloud controller. And also do the AP need to upgrade any specific firmware then only can join to the Ruckus Cloud Controller? Best Regards Chee Wong

Change Access Points from static to DHCP

Some of our Ruckus units are on static IP addresses - we recently received a notice from Ruckus  that our network might not function due to their static IP addresses. How can we fix this? Ruckus support has literally given us no answers except "I wil...

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Cloud DHCP Service Profiles

Can anyone provide more detail on how the dhcp service profiles work ? Does this activate a dhcp server on every AP within the selected venue or does it relay requests to the cloud portal? Also if I create a pool and activate it on multiple venues wi...

Ruckus Cloud SMS

Dear Ruckus Cloud, does ruckus cloud be able to get report phone number of client that use SMS as authentication? 


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