RUCKUS Cloud is our AI-enabled converged network management-as-a-service platform that enables IT to deliver exceptional user experiences, simply.
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How to become a provider on Ruckus Cloud?

We are a hotspot service same as purple and we would like to use Ruckus Cloud with our application. We were trying to test with the trial license but it's not possible to edit the RADIUS Server IP. How can we be able to edit this fields?

Ruckus Cloud, no custom hotspot option ?

Hi,I signed for a 60-day trial of CloudWiFi. There is upcoming event where I could test some of the Ruckus equpment and Cloud service.Soon after initial setup I found that I can't create custom Hotspot. There are several predefined 3rd party captive ...

Cloud Account Licenses Move to other Customer Accounts

Is there a way to move licenses to other customers inside your accountExample : Windows ABC customer has 10 licenses and are only using 7 of the 10.Ruff Technology has 20 licenses using all 20 of 20. can I take some of Windows ABC's licenses and use ...