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"The target zone's firmware does not support this AP model T301S"I have uploaded and applied the 3569-smartzone-ap-patch to my VSZ. I have created a Zone for the T301S.1) How do I give that zone version 5.2.2. ?  When I attempt to load it onto the VS...

lvan by New Contributor
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Ruckus drop wifi with mikrotik

Hello,I have 1 Ruckus R510 access point and i am looking to connect 1 Mikrotik hap in wifiThe hap retrieves wifi as if it were in mesh mode.Except that instead of serving as a wifi extender, I would like my ethernet ports to be from the network.I put...

Arclo by New Contributor
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Access point rebooted by system

Good morning,I work in a company that uses the ruckus controller and I would like some support, because as shown in the photo, we have an access point in the R610 model that had this reset. The site switch has an uptime of more than 3 weeks and there...

Ruckus AP.png