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Random reboot

Hi,  We just experienced a random reboot with an AP at a client. Its an T310c AP. So far it only happend once. The error in the log is ipq40xx-pinctrl 1000000.pinctrl: could not request pin 44 (GPIO_44) from group gpio44  on device 1000000.pinc...

Access Point Colour

I have a large deployment of Ruckus APs some of which have to be colour coordinated for which we use a vinyl wrap company to do us which is pretty good. However, my customer has asked me what is the RAL Colour of the APs straight out of the box (T310...

Use Ruckus AP on remote site

Hi, We have Ruckus vSZ with R510 AP on main site. We have a school play field few miles away. Over there we have business broadband connection with ISP supplied router that has built-in WiFi. Users visiting there use WPA key to connect to the WiFi to...