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RUCKUS R510 not getting power

I am not getting WIFI from my Ruckus R510 access points, i have troubleshooted with the truning off/on the power and cables and even removed from ceiling and tried with the all  options. Now i am experiencing that my access points are not powering up...

about p300

 Hi1)Does P300 pass Vlan ? i can not see documentation.Where is written in it ?2) i want to firmware update for my p300.But i can not true link.[Software%20Downloads]...

Downtime Concern in Upgrading vSZ-E

Hi all users. I want to ask in this forum about upgrading virtual Smartzone (vSZ-E). Currently, in my office are using vSZ-E that in 3.6.1 version. My company wants to upgrade this vSZ-E to latest suggested version, 5.2.2. My concern is, if we do upg...

a_ridwan9 by New Contributor II
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Problem pinging hosts on wireless LAN

Some background: we have a system with four Ruckus R750 APs that are meshed together. These are connected to a Cisco switch stack and the rest of our network. The DHCP is handled by the switch. The directly wired (Ethernet) network from the switch an...


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