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R600 - How many MAC addresses, and what are they?

New Contributor


I want to create an alias list for scanning Unleashed APs ... but need to map the name of the AP to the MAC addresses for the AP.  Does anyone know if the R600 is 18 MAC addresses (one each for Ethernet ports, and then 8 for each radio [2.4 GHz or 5 GHz])?

The next question is how to determine what they are. If Unleashed, for example, lists the MAC address, is that the first of the 16?

Thanks! Neil


Contributor II

You can list all of the AP details, including MACs, using the CLI, e.g.:-

show ap

I don't think you can list the BSSIDs (basically the MAC for a particular SSID on a particular radio) from the CLI, but you can use the postman ("Get wlan stats") to get this, or if you're comfortable with Python then you can use aioruckus ("get_vap_stats()") to get this.

(You can use aioruckus "get_ap_stats()" and look at the "if" property of each AP to see a physical address for each ethernet port and radio. But these aren't what you'll see in your ARP table for eth interfaces, and look to be just the first BSSID for radio interfaces).