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ap log file

Good morningI'm using Ruckus products in Korea.One user is not using the internet because he has not passed to the authentication page.So I attached an ap log file and it did not show messages to other usersThis is visible in the user's log file. Why...

Ubiquiti battle card

We have 2 different proposals where the end customer is also considering Ubiquiti solutions.  Both are small manufacturing sites that are less than 100,000 sq.ft.  I have been trying to find a Ruckus battle card to help inspire these customer to choo...

Covering a medium auditorium

Hi all,I was wondering if you have any suggestions / "best practices" for the following situation :We have to cover a medium dimension auditorium , 12.000 sf (~1200 squared meters) , serving around 500 clients (at peek , mobile phones, notebook devic...

ZoneDirector Networking Question

I have a new client that want's a new wireless system.  I had them purchase a ZoneDirector 1200 with a dozen R600 AP's.  They have several existing VLANs; staff (and phones), infrastructure, Security and A/V.  Currently, all wireless guest access (th...