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Ipad3 unable to connect R550 AP

Have just installed R550 AP but for unknown reason my old iPad 3 iOS 10.3.4 unable to connect any network with WPA2/3 password. Standard message occurs "Unable to connect to network ..." - When I disable password on network iPad is able to connect- O...

IoneDji by New Contributor
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R300 started blinking DIR

HelloI am working a yacht that has a Ruckus and a couple of AP scattered through the boat.We have a r300 in the crew mess and suddenly stopped working, meaning the power light is solid green but the DIR light is blinking slowly. Mind you the cable is...

SAS Grant

Hi,if there's a WAN outage and AP losses contact with the SAS provider. How long will the AP remain transmitting before dropping established UE sessions?  We are using P01-Q710-US02 AP.  

xiaog by New Contributor
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