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Heartbeats loss message from AP between ZD

New Contributor

I have 6 AP(R510, R610) join to ZD1200 but after connect a few minutes, it will shown "AP disconnect reason: Heartbeat Loss"

AP and ZD are both online and can ping to each other, firmware also same build 41

I have try to power cycle ZD then the AP will reconnect to ZD but after few minutes it will happen again"Heartbeat Loss"

So anyone have ideas about this issues? thx!


RUCKUS Team Member

Hi Billy,

Thank you for reaching out! It seems like you’re dealing with a “heartbeat loss” issue between your ZD (ZoneDirector) and AP (Access Point). Here are some steps to troubleshoot:

  1. Check Reachability: Verify that the AP can communicate with the ZD. Look for any packet loss or network issues.

  2. License Check: Ensure that you have sufficient AP licenses available. Sometimes license limitations can cause communication problems.

  3. Firmware Update: You mentioned that the controller firmware is build 41, which is an older firmware version. Consider upgrading to the latest version ( This update supports R610 and R510 AP models.

Ashwin Mathiyazhagan