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Problem with ZoneFlex 7962

I have a Zone Director, I tried to change AP’s(ZoneFlex 7962)IP, but when I restarted the Zone Director, I see the AP disconnected all time, I applied a Hardreset and I can not see it, I connected the AP to my PC and used the network settings accordi...

Dropbear SSH 2016.74 and 2017.75

At my company, we did a security assessment on all of our network. Our APs came back with the Dropbear SSH 2016.74 and 2017.75 vulnerabilities. I have already have a case open and have updated my ZD1100 to the latest ZD patch I was told to update. Th...

R720 powering

I have R720 powered from PoE+ switch, switch logs:Gi1/0/10 New LLDP TLV Request but with Invalid request 41300 max allowed power 30000But in documentation i can read that:"An 802.3at-compliant Power over Ethernet (PoE) switch or PoE injector.• --OR--...