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Set Max MCS Rates?

I would like to reduce the available MCS rates on a meshed deployment with the goal increasing the stability of a long range link at the expense of bandwidth.Is this possible in ZD or AP CLI?Thanks

ZD1200 and adding Zone Flex R310s

I have a ZD1200 running firmware build 55. I have licenses for 30 APs and am starting new. Currently I am on the same subnet as the APs and when the APs attempt to register with the ZD1200 I get an error of : "Discover request from AP[8c:fe:...

Ruckus ZonePlanner

Hi there,I would like to know if someone can assist me by helping me check my RF environment with 16/6 Ruckus APs. I unfortunately haven't purchased Ruckus ZonePlanner because I usually do not do these big jobs and therefore I am looking for someone ...