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Recommendation needed - AP outdoor

New Contributor

Hello everyone,

I already have several ruckus APs, I'd like to add several others and a central controller (to manage the wlan, filter users, etc) which are compatibles with the existing access points (Ruckus ZoneFlex R600), is it possible? Currently the existing access points are installed some indoor, some others outside in open space but on a ceiling, there are often disconnecting issues with the devices, I'd like to improve the system but without discarding the existing devices.

I'd appreciate it very much for your advices and recommendations.

Thank you


Valued Contributor

Hi Dewi,

The R600 is an End-of-Sale AP, however it is still possible to deploy a Ruckus controller solution to support these and newer APs.

For outdoor deployments, I would recommend you look at the T310c/d omni-directional IP67-rated outdoor APs:

Your options for a controller to support both APs are as follows:

  • Ruckus SmartZone (virtual or hardware appliance) - the latest version will support both your legacy R600 and any new AP.
  • Ruckus Cloud - the latest version will support both your legacy R600 and new APs, however it is likely that support for the R600 will be for a limited time as the platform is updated to accommodate new features and upcoming new AP models.
  • Ruckus Unleashed - You will need to run an older version (200.7) to support both models of AP.

For further information I would recommend contacting a Ruckus reseller in your locality:

Hope that helps,