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Inherited 3x R710 APs

New to Ruckus and I have inherited 3 R710 APs, there may be more but there seems to be no hardware controller.  They look like they have not been used in some time, but do power up and show the SSID, so someone reset them.   I woul...

R560 & R760 - Unleashed not available?

Is the unleashed firmware unavailable for the R560 or R760 AP's? All I've been able to find is the standalone firmware. I'm looking to upgrade my home from 3x R710's that I've been very happy with to either of these models for 6ghz band support but w...

blaine by New Contributor
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Number of streams in Mesh

How many streams do Ruckus Access Points utilise when used in a Mesh?Let's say I Mesh an R750 with an R750 on 2.4Ghz - Will it use 4 streams or 2 streams?What if I Mesh an R750 with an R650 on 2.4Ghz - Will the bandwidth be lower because the R650 onl...


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