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Ruckus AP earthing

I’m Looking for guidance from Ruckus on earthing of their Acccess points, Indoor and outdoor. I’m trying to find out what ruckus have designed the earthing terminals for on there access points. Is it for fault current protection? Static discharge? ...

R510 not receiving DHCP address?

Hello! I just moved into a home with a r510 access point and an ICX 7150 switch. The AP was supposedly already configured by an Amazon concierge and when I follow their instructions to connect to the AP I receive a “no internet connection error”. ...

Zoneflex T300 solid green power led

Hi all,I have a Ruckus Zoneflex T300 that seems broken. When I put power on it, the power led will start solid red and then in a blink of an eye all leds turn on and then the power led will burn solid green. I have tried to do a factory reset while h...