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R510 instead T310c for Outdoor

New Contributor

Can I use R510 at a beach kiosk to coverage 100m in diameter providing a good internet signal? Router will be placed right below roof corner flap and replace.

How R510 is compared as T310c unit for that? Will I have better performance on T310c unit?  can I replace t310c w/ R510 ?


Community Admin
Community Admin

Hi Rodrigo,

R510 indeed a batter AP than T310 but I would not suggest to use an indoor AP in outdoor environment.

Syamantak Omer | Sr.Staff TSE | CWNA | CCNA | RASZA | RICXI

@syamantak_omer thanks for replying.

What can be the problem having AP placed 10 feets right below the kiosk eave, protected from wind and rain?

Can I missing something? Is there another reason to not use them?



If it is inside a protected box, then I think there should be no problem. How ever, placing the APs to ceiling or on a high ground is always recommended, for better signal coverage.

Syamantak Omer | Sr.Staff TSE | CWNA | CCNA | RASZA | RICXI

Can T310C handle this application u think?

It’s only for mobile internet, Spotify and YouTube playing. We will attach a a 300Mb internet to Ap. It’s a mid/high density environment. So we will go with T310 at 5m high.

Thanks so much