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Poor signal to 1/3 of devices

Hi.  I’m new to Ruckus and don’t know to much.  I have 3 R550’s running Unleashed in a 3500sq foot home.  I setup Unleashed as Mesh, not sure if that was a mistake.  All 3 R550’s are hardwired to the router.  About 1/3 of my devices show a poor signa...

r710 wont sync to ZD1200

I have an r710 (software: that sat for 2 years before I found it.  The site has 18 existing r710s and is licensed for 20.  When connecting to the ZD1200 controller (software: build 159), the new AP reboots constantly, leavin...

Can you use the R510 as a switch?

Hello, I see the unit has 2 network ports.   I know that if I connect the POE network cable to it, it is able to get DHCP and work as an AP.   We have one mounted in a hard to wire room and if we could connect a network cable to the second port and ...

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