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Ruckus R510 speeds slowing down to 10 or less Mbps

New Contributor III

I've been experiencing some WiFi slowdowns. I started testing with iperf3 and my iPhone 11 Pro. When I'm under the R510, speeds will get up to 550+ Mbps. If I walk about 15'-20' away, with two walls between me and the AP, the inital speed tests run around 250-350 Mpbs. During the 30 second test though, speeeds rapidly drop down to less than 10 Mbps, sometimes to zero.

Without changing anything but the R510 to a different brand access point, speeds went right back to ~250-350 Mbps. I swapped the R510 back and things went back to as before. I tried removing the upstairs R510 and only running the downstairs R510. I tried swapping the upstairs R510 to the only downstairs unit. No change.

There are 2 R510's in my 2 story home, both POE off a Ruckus 7150-C12P. The only other POE device is a Ring doorbel. I tried all sorts of stuff, including a factory reset via downgrading the firmware (from to I tried rebooting my iPhone, forgetting and adding the network SSID back, creating a new SSID, turing off 2.4Ghz, fixing the channel number to an unused channel in my area (from Auto), fixing channelization to 40 MHz (from Auto), fixing transmit power to maximum (from Auto). 

Sometimes, dropping the WiFi on the iPhone and starting it resets the process. If I walk the iPhone to back under the R510, it quickly speeds back up to ~550Mbps. Changing time of day or day of week does not impact results. I've tried two different devices for the test and the results do not change.


From the troubleshooting log while I just tried two more 30 seconds iperf3 tests, it appears the iPhone is bounching between the two R510 access points. There are no "red"entries at all. However, the problem was the same when I only had one access point plugged in.

*Ran the test AGAIN with the further AP disconnected. Same behavior. Peak was 310Mbps at one point. It flopped down below 100Mbps, jumped back up for a few seconds, then dropped down to 30Mbps. From there, the last 10-15 seconds of the test just got slower and slower, ending at 5Mbps.

The iperf3 tests were conducted with the phone in a tripod, with no one in the area, between the R510 and the phone, and no other devices competing for bandwidth at the time.


I'm at a loss. Any help would be appreciated. If the AP is failing, I'd love some way or test to confirm that. 

- Garrett