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Ipad3 unable to connect R550 AP

New Contributor

Have just installed R550 AP but for unknown reason my old iPad 3 iOS 10.3.4 unable to connect any network with WPA2/3 password. Standard message occurs "Unable to connect to network ..." 

- When I disable password on network iPad is able to connect

- Other devices has no issues with connection to the same network

- Tried with different wifi radios (2.4/5 Ggz) and different options (disabled all additional settings 802 d/k)

Still got no lucky to establish connection with password and don`t know what to search. 

At  AP logs I see only this error without any details on it:

Apr 5 19:02:24 Ruckus-Unleashed rfmd[769]: mshnger_open: connect failed -1 2


New Contributor

Fixed issue by disabling WPA3 mixed auth. Set WPA2 auth only and this works for me.