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Application Recognition affect AP performance?

Does anyone have any info or data on if enabling Application Recognition on our ZD1300 will affect AP performance (ie client wifi throughput at the AP level only).Clearly the APs will be under a bit more cpu load gathering this data, so im curious if...

ZoneDirector to Virtual SmartZone

I've got 3 existing sites, each with their own ZD1200 (running 10.1 firmware). We're planning to move to Virtual Smart Zone hosted at one location. I see that there is an option to import WAPs from a ZD into the vSZ under the Admin menu. However, I'm...

Ruckus ZD 1200 Linking to existing ZD 1200

This is a new implantation of Ruckus ZD1200 to existing network . Existing network have wifi system  with Ruckus ZD1200 with 15 AP. The main task of new ZD and AP's it has to link with existing WLAN. How I can implement and configure the ZD?It is vil...

To cloud or not to cloud the Zone Director?

Our ZD1100 and Aps are end of life. We are evaluating the refresh routes. The question we have is what are the pros and cons of using a virtual appliance zone director on-prem vs the cloud service?Any input is greatly appreciated, thanks.