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R500 wont downgrade from to on ZD or Local

New Contributor
im trying to install a new r500 but it wont take the ZD firmware.. it keeps failing firmware install via ZD and if i try a local install it says Upgrade/Downgrade from FSI to UI is not allowed.

Contributor II
What's the first 4 of the serial?  If the AP is manufactured after 11/2017 then it needs 9.10 to function as they revised the chipset.

RUCKUS Team Member
Hi Jonathan,

Please check the Knowledge Base article

Based on new firmware security against malicious images you cannot directly upgrade or downgrade from a Fully Signed (FSI) image to a Unsigned image (UI).  You must downgrade to a Intermediate signed image (ISI) which bridges the fully secure version running on the r500 to the unsecure older version you are trying to run.

The ISI image was added to standalone code 104.x; ZD 9.13..0 and Unleashed 200.2

Best suggestion is to install the standalone version 104.x to the AP which is an ISI image.  Then it should accept the older ZD code.

I hope this information helps.

Thanks for choosing Ruckus Networks products

thank you

I had an old 7372 that accidentally got updated on a new zd and it wouldn't downgrade to 9.8 on the old zd