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Hello michle and everyone I enable the mesh on zd3000 bhut when I plug power into ap it's not connected to rap mesh is not happening , is there any other setting which I have to perform on zd , I also read manual but not able to find solution plz help me I have zd firmware 9.13 and r510 unleashed ap with firmware 10.x.x

Contributor III
The APs need to be initially configured to the ZD via a cabled connection. Did that happen already ? The R510s will need to be added to the ZD where they will change their firmware to the corresponding ZD one and only once fully online in the controller you can remove the wired uplink and thy will form the mesh. Did that happen already?

Actually zd connected to hp l3 sw and then hp l2 Poe sw where all ap connected to these sw ,so I enable mesh on zd now all ap are root ap I want other ap to became mesh ap but when I plug power it did not determine nearest root ap , I am little bit confused what I missed of how ap recognize root ap .
Plz explain step by step

Wherever I unplugged Ethernet cable mesh not happening only power light blinking . Status showing disconnected ap plz help

Esteemed Contributor II
It should work.  If you saw all your APs on the ZD's Monitor/Access Points page, and Mesh is enabled on the ZD Configure/Mesh page,then if you disconnect an Eth cable from your AP, and have a power supply (even connect to a PoE switch that isn't connected to your LAN),then that AP should connect to the closest wired AP (Root), as a Mesh AP.