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Research Project for University

Hello Everyone. I am a student in university so far as  I am doing internship with a company and they have Ruckus ZoneDirector as well as SZ100 with 90 Access point. I have to implement this wireless network with different vlan different SSID with di...

Smart redundancy - Promote to Master

Hi,Is it possible to setup a secondary Zone Director ZD1200 and promote to the Master ZD? We would like to move the physical location of the current ZD to a new site. Thanks

ZoneDirector Cluster Different Site

Currently I have a single Ruckus ZD1200 as wireless controller with 25 managed APs in DC site. I had planned to buy a new controller to put at DR site in purpose of redundancy. I have never done it before.             - Can I cluster in different sit...

ZD1200, r500 APs and Airprint on HP Print server

I have ZD1200 and r500 APs. I have an HP wireless print server attached to my HP printer. Printer server, printer, ZD and APs all on the same subnet.  Print server has an  IP address and the print server config says that AirPrint is enabled but the ...