With simplicity and ease of use in mind, the RUCKUS ZoneDirector is purpose-built to address the gap between standalone, feature-deficient access points (APs) that must be individually managed and the costly, complex high-end enterprise systems that are overkill for most small business environments.
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Upgrade firmware for ZA1200.

Hi everybody, I have a wireless controller ZD1200 model runnig (MR3, Refresh 76) firmware version and APs T300 and R610 series, my question is: what is the recommended version to upgrade it? And what is the procedure to goal this? Than...

ZD 1200 System settings and Event logs disappear

Dear all,          A few days ago, I configured  2xZD1200 system settings( name, IP addresses,mgmt interface,vlan, etc...) and done smart redundancy as well. And today when I log in to ZD, I see no data in system settings and cannot view events, logs...

Image_ images_messages_61383faad4dae759a2b1b49f_228c0e0cde81f6ec04610d315a7a313c_ScreenShot20210908at11.11.19AM-2c8b233e-b60e-4151-bb47-0b7d00d6e6ff-1996475830.png Image_ images_messages_61383faad4dae759a2b1b49f_e388b9e4fc18859a488a6ed9ccf2acfa_ScreenShot20210908at11.11.09AM-74365647-1eb4-4c89-bd3b-e16b90a50931-253665495.png Image_ images_messages_61383faad4dae759a2b1b49f_187ef8dd1089253683793dc17d8fa5d4_ScreenShot20210908at11.10.58AM-61b5fe73-585d-4bf8-93a6-fc55cbfd6877-313207598.png Image_ images_messages_61383faad4dae759a2b1b49f_d79660b58dfe849a31c07d1fb0da02f4_ScreenShot20210908at11.10.43AM-ae0b5fc1-a3b6-4fde-bfa2-eb8f69b4087a-2096398254.png

Zone director RADIUS Accounting to Pusle Secure NAC

hi ruckus team,  I have got issue within my POC in the customer, We are running  zone director to create Authentication RADIUS accounting to third party NAC, it is Pulse Secure. the issue is accounting service still running in Pulse Secure event t...

Total number of dropped downlink frames

Hi, what exactly does the following show(besides the obvious)? ruckusZDSystemStatsWLANTotalTxDroppedFrm Total number of dropped downlink frames.  is there any sort of "ballpark" figure, and if so how would you go ...

How would you disable weak ciphers on a ZD1106

A security scan of our ZD1106 shows weak ciphers enabled. We are on firmware build 114, which is the highest we can go due to APs in use. Is there a way via command line to disable the weak ciphers on the Zone Director? Name ...


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