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Ruckus AP services enable process from ZD1200.

New Contributor II

In my network scenario Ruckus AP's are connected with ZD1200. I can login AP's via http,https,telnet & SSH. If I disable all services on AP. Then how could I can enable following services from ZD1200. 


RUCKUS Team Member

Hi @muhammad_islam 

If you disable http, https, telnet and SSH on the AP, then the only option to enable this is through the ZoneDirector. But the has to be connected to the ZD and show as Online.

We can use the remote_ap_cli command from ZD CLI to enable the settings on the APs. Below is an example for enabling the SSH service.

remote_ap_cli -a <AP MAC> "set ssh enable"

I would recommend you to contact our support team in case if you are disabling the SSH on all the APs are want to enable these services on all the APs in network. So that we can guide you.

New Contributor II

Thanks Sanjay Kumar. I'll check later. If facing any issues then I'll replay there.