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DHCP server from ZD1200.

New Contributor II

I want to configure DHCP server on ZD1200. How could I configure this?

In our scenario we have a single SSID. This is a flat network. 


Valued Contributor

Hi Muhammad,

I strenuously recommend you obtain the Administrator guide for the specific version of ZoneDirector software your ZD1200 is running.

Here is an excerpt from version 10.3 Administrator Guide:

Ruckus recommends that you only enable the built-in DHCP server if there are no other DHCP servers on the network.

ZoneDirector's internal DHCP server can service only a single subnet (the one it's in) and not other VLANs that may be associated with client WLANs. If you enable the built-in DCHP server, Ruckus also recommends enabling the rogue DHCP server detector. For more information, refer to Rogue DHCP Server Detection on page 272.

  1. Go to System > System Settings.

  2. In the DHCP Server section, select the Enable DHCP Server check box.

I hope that helps,